Pony Double Ended Knitting Needles Set of 5 - 20cm x 5.00mm

The Pony Classic Double Ended Knitting Needles are are used to create tubes of knitting, such as socks, gloves, hats and scarves etc. Sizes up to 5mm are manufactured from solid aluminium and anodized to increase hardness and resist corrosion. Sizes above 5mm are manufactured from superior grade, lightweight, flexible ABS plastic. Product codes: 20cm x 2.00mm - 3661220cm x 2.25mm - 3661320cm x 2.50mm - 3661420cm x 2.75mm - 3661520cm x 3.00mm - 3661620cm x 3.25mm - 3661720cm x 3.50mm - 3661820cm x 3.75mm - 3661920cm x 4.00mm - 3662020cm x 4.50m - 3662120cm x 5.00mm - 3662220cm x 5.50mm - 3665920cm x 6.50mm - 3666120cm x 7.00mm - 3666220cm x 7.50mm - 3666320cm x 9.00mm - 3666520cm x 10.00mm - 3666620cm x 15.00mm - 36669

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