Halloween activity set and colour changing tumbler set

NEW LIMITED STOCK £10 Halloween Bundle! bundles come with a small box of Halloween activities and a Tumbler. This set has a Colour changing Halloween 24 oz Tumbler and activity set. Glow in the dark tumbler also available in another set. What's inside the activity set? ✨ 5 ceramics with 4 paints and 1 paint brush, 5 Crayons and 3 small activity print outs, a jelly a lolly and a random surprise sweet so 3 sweet total and a little ghost lolly card who holds your lolly it's super cute! A little note from me ❤️ - I thought these would be super cute for before/after trick or treating to get them excited or for a chilled evening when they've come in gathered all their sweets and are watching a spooky film ???? Or more so for Any little one who may be scared to go trick or treating, I know a lot of autistic Children can find Halloween scary or unnerving so I thought they still get to have some enjoyment from the holiday just more in a relaxed way ???? ✨ If you would like one I will be selling these at my stall on the 8th of October in Barnsley market. Click and collect from me there or via the lockers in the market beforehand.

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