Puppy Takeaway Treat Box

Our Puppy Takeaway Treat Box is filled with delicious, healthy treats for your pup. Easy on the teeth and tummy, everything has been specially selected to be suitable for puppies aged 2-12 months or for dogs with sensitive stomachs. Comprises of: 2x Rabbit Ears 2x Chicken Feet 1x Empty Hoof 1x Cow Ear 1x Camel Tripe 1 Fish Skin Twirl Handful of Sprats Handful of Poultry Training Treats. Puppies do have immature digestive systems so we suggest trying one treat at a time over a 24 hour period to ensure the tummy is happy. Supervising your pup whilst eating any sort of treat is necessary to avoid any choking hazard. Should any treat no longer be available we will swap with an appropriate alternative. Please enter a brief description of your product
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