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  1. Quick and Healthy Lunchbox Tips

    Quick and Healthy Lunchbox Tips

    It doesn’t have to be expensive or time consuming to create delicious and nutritious packed lunches they’ll love.

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  2. Back to School Survival Guide

    Back to School Survival Guide

    how do you get everything together and get through those stressful first few weeks? Our back to school survival guide reveals all.

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  3. Why You Should Shop Locally

    Why You Should Shop Locally

    Want to help preserve the unique character of your local town while helping your community thrive and prosper? These are just some of the reasons why you should shop locally this year and beyond.

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  4. Gift Guide of Top Spots

    Gift Guide of Top Spots

    It's time to level the playing field if we want to wake up to vibrant high streets and markets in 2021. Gifts are so much better from a local shop, a small business, so much more personal, hand selected and thoughtful than from a warehouse. So many people are looking for a local alternative. So if is not where you are, or you fancy a bit of a mooch around other places, then the ShopAppy team are here to help you. We have pulled together our top picks for those looking for the ultimate gifts to other people (or themselves). Keep coming back to this page - bookmark it too as we will be updating it all regularly.


    Just click on the shop names to visit them online.


    Jewellery, art, prints, products made from micro-businesses can be discovered in our current Virtual Maker Fairs online now…

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  5. Gift Guide for the outdoor type

    Gift Guide for the outdoor type

    We all know someone who loves the outdoors.  Whether it’s for someone who loves staying out camping and exploring, a lover of a good walk in the fresh air or even those who love sport. We’ve got the gifts that will leave no trace other than your footsteps on the floor.

    We have many stores with perfect products for the adventurous outdoorsy types. To find out if they will deliver or have a question on a product give them a call.


    Sports and outdoors 

    Trailblazers Outdoors, Pickering


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