Back to School Survival Guide

Back to School Survival Guide
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It’s hard to believe that the summer holidays are coming to an end and September is looming large! The start of the new school year isn’t just a big deal for our kids - it can also be pretty stressful for us parents. So, how do you get everything together and get through those stressful first few weeks? Our back to school survival guide reveals all.

1. Talk and listen

New schools, new friends, new teachers and new routines… It’s enough to make even the most confident kids feel stressed and anxious about going back to school.

Whether your child appears excited or daunted about the new school year, be sure to find out how they are really feeling and talk about the ways you can help them deal with the transition. It’s important that they know you’re with them every step of the way and always there to help with any problems they might have. Open communication is key.

If your child is anxious about starting or has any special needs or concerns, it’s a good idea to also talk to the school and make sure the teachers are aware. This way, everyone is open and feels supported throughout.

2. Shop for those essential supplies early

From uniform to lunchboxes and paint to stationery, back to school often means shopping for a seemingly endless range of essential items.

To make things as stress free as possible, shop for these items early. It’ll feel great to get the shopping out of the way - and it’s also a fantastic way to engage your children and make them feel excited for the return to the classroom. After all, most kids love new stationery, or getting a new backpack! Your local high street is perfect for this, offering everything you need for going back to school.

3. Ease into the school schedule

After weeks of holidays, it can be hard to adjust back to the routine of school - both for parents and the kids!

To help make September a little easier, why not slowly transition into the school routine over the proceeding weeks, perhaps by slowly setting the alarm a little earlier in the morning and gradually adjusting the nighttime routine. By the time the first day rolls around, they’ll already be used to the new routine and be able to make a more natural adjustment.

4. Fill up the freezer

Even the most organised parent can find the first few weeks back a little challenging, especially when you’re at work all day and have to simultaneously deal with everything else life throws at you. Chances are, on some days the last thing you’ll feel like doing in the evening is slaving over a hot stove.

To make mealtimes easier, why not prepare some dishes in advance that can be stored in the freezer? That way, you’ll have a quick and easy dinner on the days when you’re short on time - and take some of the hassle out of your evening.

5. Master your morning routine

The first few mornings in September can be stressful to say the least - but they can be so much easier with just a little planning.

The first key to smooth mornings is to start the night before. Before bed, make sure uniforms are prepared, lunches are packed and devices are charged. Don’t be afraid to get your kids involved with this - it’ll help them learn valuable skills like organisation and time management.

The next trick? Set the alarm for 20 minutes earlier than you think you need to. You’ll feel more relaxed - and there’ll be extra time for those inevitable last minute hiccups. Where did you put the PE kit again?

6. Experiment and find out what works for you

When it comes to the back to school routine, there aren’t really any right or wrong answers. Experiment a little each day and try different hacks that work for you. You’ll soon find out what works best for your family - and what doesn’t!

Finally, don’t forget that as difficult as going back to school can be, things soon settle down after a few weeks. You’ll soon get back into the routine, and your child will start to settle back into school life.

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