Halloween recipes and food ideas

Halloween recipes and food ideas

Linda runs operations for ShopAppy and loves Halloween, especially when it comes to making gory foods for her family, friends and neighbours. here she provides some great ideas for ensuring you can enjoy gruesome but delicious treats this Halloween.

Every year Halloween is a big deal in our house - and one of the best bits is definitely our bloodthirsty buffet! The kids love getting in on the creations and some of them as you will see are truly horrific.

I can’t claim to have created these myself, so I am including some links to the recipes I have used which I hope is useful. The food combines just the right level of horror and flavour in my view. 

Of course, as we suggested, you can always just rename the usual fare – Graveyard garlic bread, Phantom fishfingers, I Scream (sorry for that one!) and of course one of my person favourites - He Crocked Monsieur!

Enjoy the pics and have a go. But do remember, none of these recipes work correctly if you don’t buy your items from local shops. So, remember whatever Halloween treats you whip up, support your local businesses and you can get items easily home-delivered or collect your items by using ShopAppy.com - have a browse and if you sign-up you can save your shopping list for your next virtual or actual trip into town.

Halloween recipe - phantom and skeleton lollipops


Skullies - these skeletal lollies are made by getting oreos, cocktail sticks, butter icing and black icing – just cover the oreos in the butter icing, do your best skull face in black icing, stick a cocktail stick into the oreo, and decorate for extra razzmatazz with a thin black ribbon. By the way, for some amazing icing items and for fans of all things sugar craft, check out this amazing spot The Icing Store. A must visit online or in person if you live nearby.



Water Melon Ogre – think pumpkin carving but softer and don’t leave any kids unattended trying to do this one on their own! Carve out the mouth, the sharper the teeth, the wider the mouth, the more horrific it becomes. Add two cucumbers for eye sockets and either a black grape or blue berry for the eyeballs. Hey presto, you have three out of your five a day in one monster munch!

Now some useful links to more professional recipes....

Hopefully your tastebuds are tempted along with your general Halloweeniness (is that a word?). Now it’s time to get ordering some items from your local shops, pumpkins from your local greengrocers, boozy bits from your local off-license, biscuits and treats from your local convenience store, fresh foods from your local market - and you can get them home delivered too. It has never been easier to shop where your heart is!

We love playing at being ghostly once a year, but none of us want to wake up in a ghost town. Share ShopAppy.com, this video or this blog on social media if you agree, or simply sign up to join our growing shop local community here.

Have a very ShopAppy Halloween!

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