May Bank Holiday

May Bank Holiday

With the Jubilee offering us a glorious four day bank holiday weekend, you may be wondering what to do with all that free time. If this is your conundrum, read on, as we’ve got some suggestions to help you make the most of the long Platinum Jubilee bank holiday weekend

Craft project for the family 

If you’ve got young ones you need to keep busy, an easy and enjoyable craft project may be the perfect thing to entertain your little ones. A visit to your local craft store should equip you with all the tools and materials you’ll need, so lay down some newspaper or an old sheet and experiment! We recommend some bunting creation to get in the mood for the Jubilee celebrations - card and felt tip pens will work a treat and you can create your own designs. 

This wonderful craft kit has all you need to get you started!

Take a Spring walk

Spring is a great time of year to be outside - not too hot, not too cold, and full of the colours  of resurgent life; a long Spring weekend is the perfect opportunity to go for an extended walk in the beautiful countryside. Unwind amidst the birds and the bumblebees away from the stresses of  life. There are many heritage sites, woodlands and National Trust locations in the country.

Picnic with friends and family

We all know that British springtime can be unpredictable, but if the weather holds then there’s nothing better to do on a long weekend than gather your favourite snacks - sourced from your favourite independent bakery, deli or sweet shop - grab a blanket and head for the park. Not only is the fresh air and sunshine good for you physically, but being in nature is also proven to help improve your mood. Not to mention that fresh air or an outdoor game of catch, frisbee or rounders will probably help you sleep better too! (And will justify those bank holiday lie ins)

Try a new recipe

If you fancy yourself to be the next Master Chef, what better opportunity to experiment than a bank holiday weekend? Have a look at your recipe books and choose something you have never made before. Remember all the best cooking uses the best ingredients. Have a browse on, or visit your local farm shop, butchers, greengrocers, delis or fishmongers to pick up some ingredients.  We always recommend a chat to the staff to get some ideas of what to make or find out what’s in season. If you feel very ambitious, how about a menu with a Jubilee theme, dishes through the ages for each decade for example…? As well as recipe books, you are bound to find some inspiration online on sites such as BBC Good Food

Chill out and relax

We spend a lot of our days on our feet, busy as bees, without very much time leftover for relaxation. Long weekends like this are perfect for some much needed me-time; never feel pressured by the idea that a holiday means you have to get out there and do things. Sometimes the best and most fulfilling thing to do is to simply relax - whether it is watching a movie, listening to music, reading a book or having an afternoon nap, that can do wonders for helping us to destress.

Here were a handful of ideas to keep yourself busy and content over the long weekend; Here at ShopAppy we believe everyone has earned the opportunity for some R&R, be you a shopper or shopkeeper so enjoy!

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