New Year, New You - Best picks from local businesses across the UK!

New Year, New You - Best picks from local businesses across the UK!

Whatever you wish to achieve this year your local businesses are there to support you. Whether you are focusing more on getting fit, would like to travel more this year or want to take more care of your health and well-being - we have picked out some of our best picks below!

Looking after your mental health is just as important as your physical health 

We often talk about our physical health but not so much about how we’re feeling. With lots of practical advice, this lively, accessible guide by ForEva books in New mills explains why we have emotions, and what can influence them. You can purchase this amazing read here for only £6.99 (excluding delivery). 

Cookbook with the perfect healthy recipes 

The most common new years resolution is to get fit and healthy, this can often be a little hard with many people not knowing where to start.. This 'How not to diet cookbook' by Griffin Books in Penarth is the perfect starting point.  A wonderful cookbook full of amazing healthy reciepes. You can purchase this book here 

Sugar free goodies for those with a sweet tooth 

If you a trying to be more healthy this year but have a sweet tooth and are struggling a little bit with your sweet cravings, don't worry! We have your local businesses have you covered. This wonderful sugar free basket of goodies by Umpa Lumpa Sweets in Penarth. A wonderful bundle for only £25 (exlcuding delivery). Buy here

Being happy is just as important as being healthy 

We often forget when we are so engrossed in trying to a achieve a new years resolution how important it is to still stay happy. Without happiness you will struggle to achieve these goals. This wonderful book by Griffin Books in Penarth is another wonderful read to start the year off on a postive note. For only £12.99 (excluding delivery) it includes 12 important steps to getting a healthies and happier you in 2023. Purchase here

Pure essential oils to create the perfect ambience 

When thinking about your health and wellbeing it is important to make sure you set a nice atomosphere in your home. These essentail oils from By Heather May in Ripley are perfect to help you do this. You can also check out their wide range of pamper gift sets for a some you time! 

Health tracker compatible with Apple or Android phones 

Have you made it your new years resolution to get fit and healthy this year? This fitness tracker is great to help you keep track of the exercise you are doing, food you are eating and your general. For only £19.99 by Phone City in Palmers Green.  Avaliable to purchase here 

Wide range of travel guides 

Made it a goal to travel more this year? Don't panic - Griffin books in Penarth have a wide range of travel guides for some amazing desinations to help you plan your perfect trips this year. Including this brillant guide to plan a trip to the Caribbean - I mean what is not to love!

Equipment for a home workout 

Made it your goal to get fit and healthy in the new year but want to do it in the comfort of your home home? Don't worry - There are a wide range of wonderful items on ShopLocalOnline.Org you can buy for the best home work out including this foam roller for only £9.60 (Excluding delivery). Buy here 

Bottle to make sure you keep hydrated 

Keep hydrated is key to staying fit and healthy and is also very very important for your health and wellbeing. This great bottle by Wittering Promo Worx in East Wittering. For only £12.00 and a option to have this personalised for extra. 

The ultimate pamper kit for some you time! 

Who doesn't like a pamper day! This wonderful pamper kit from Neeve's Bee in Didcot is perfect to help you do this. For only £20 (excluding delivery) it is the perfect little treat for yourself - 2023 is all about treating and looking after yourself. 

Healthy alternatives if you are a tea or coffee lover 

Are you someone who loves lots of cups of tea or coffee during the day to keep you going but want to try and cut down in this new year. A healther alternative are these Moroccan Mint Tea bags which all you need to do is add water into. Something a little different but it is good to try new things. 

Perfect bag to keep all your essentials safe 

Last but not least, this wonderful bag to keep all your essentials safe. Perfect little bag to keep all your stuff safe if you are popping to the gym or even just popping to your local high street.  & Gorgeous Gifts in Reigate has so many wonderful products.

2023 is the year of local lovers - #ShopLocal this with your favourite local business on or!

It is so important to support  the amazing local businesses on your doorsteps. Together we can make a difference. Shop local on or shop local nationally on  Don't forget to take advantage of our January special offer - FREE local lover gift with every order placed until the end of January 2023! 2023 is the year of local lovers. 

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