Things to do with the kids in the Summer holidays

Things to do with the kids in the Summer holidays

With summer right around the corner, parents will have their hands full keeping everyone busy and entertained with lots of things to do this summer holiday. Of course, UK weather can be varied even in the Summer season, so we’ve divided our list into two parts so you can learn what to do for family-centric fun come rain or shine.

When the sun is shining

Start by keeping it simple. Explore the options for parks and gardens nearby, pack a ball or a frisbee (or both), and maybe even put together a picnic with some favourite treats, and head on out to enjoy some time in the great outdoors… It’s amazing the impact being closer to nature can have on your mental health and wellbeing. For picnics there are lovely recipes you can find online, and of course for ingredients, try your local shops and delis.


Water fun - it’s all about watery fun when the sun finally comes out. Water pistols and paddling pools are staples, of course, but have you considered ‘sponge bombs’? An ingenious set up that necessitates fewer desperate runs to the tap, check out how to make them here


Check out our guides for towns and cities all over the UK and see if anywhere piques your interest. We’ve covered quite a few places now, so have a browse through our blog and check out our recommendations.

Be a tourist in your own town

Be a tourist in your own town - if venturing further afield isn’t for you, whip out the bermuda shorts and bucket hats and have a go at being a tourist in your home town. Take some time to visit local monuments and attractions that you may not bother with on the day-to-day, explore all the different parts of town and treat yourself to a little “souvenir” shopping and coffee and cake on the high street

Watch a movie under the stars

Watch a movie under the stars - outdoor cinema events are popping up all over the UK and make for a magical viewing experience. Check out screenings in your area, pack some drinks, nibbly bits and preferred cinema snacks. Try The Luna Cinema and Adventure Cinema for a variety of events in locations across the country. 

Of course if you can borrow a projector and have a garden, a garden cinema can be nice too - get the chairs out, stick up a white sheet, wire up your speakers and stream a movie - adding fairy lights and blankets for extra atmosphere. Pop open some snacks and drinks for the kids and invite their friends for your own take on home cinema.

What do do with the kids when it’s raining

Let’s face it, it’s bound to rain at some point this summer. So we’re including a few ideas for things to do when it rains 

There’s a wide variety of crafty ideas out there that can occupy your kids for an afternoon - coin rubbings, bubble prints, collage, tie dye… I’m particularly fond of this method for making a fire breathing dragon out of a loo roll tube. Have a try here. Or this idea for home made bowling.

You can always opt for the at home cinema experience - raid your DVD collection or Netflix/Disney+/etc for something new or an old favourite, spend some time rustling up some indulgent treats, and settle in to enjoy. Bonus points if you build a blanket fort to watch it in.

 If the weather’s unpleasant but you still want to get out of the house, there’s still plenty of options - nothing is impossible without a pair of wellies and a waterproof. Check if local museums have any special exhibits or offers, or investigate cultural centres for seasonal events. It’s also worth checking out which organises play events for children all across the country, and which organises children’s events in libraries and even provides books to young children.

So there we have it, ShopAppy’s recommendations for keeping the little ones occupied over the holiday period. If you need any more ideas for what to do over the rest of year, then we have many different guides for every festival and event on our blog

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