Supporting Local Businesses

Supporting Local Businesses

Here at ShopAppy we know we all have less money to spend, so it is more important than ever that we spend wisely. When we shop local, we not only get what we need, we also invest in our own community. But as more of us are squeezed, remember that there are more ways we can help local businesses even when we don’t have as much to spend as normal…but of course the best way to support local businesses is to buy from them…

1. Buy something 

The most obvious way to support a local business is of course to shop with them. Choosing local businesses goes a long way to support the economy on both a local and national level, and you can feel good that you’re directly supporting someone’s livelihood and supporting your community at the same time. Many people believe that it is more expensive to spend with a local business, but actually often that is not the case. Read our Tips to save money blog

2. Give them a likes on their socials

Liking Facebook pages, following small businesses on Instagram, commenting on and sharing social posts to help your favourite locals to build their online presence costs nothing. When you do that, your local businesses can reach and impress more people in the local area and around the world. Social media is an invaluable marketing tool for businesses of any size, so this is one of the most effective ways you can support your favourite business, helping them to reach more potential customers.

3. Recommend them to your friends and family

Freelancers and small businesses will be the first to testify to the power of word-of-mouth - a recommendation is worth so much more from someone you trust, than an advert you see on your timeline. Make sure to mention your favourite small and/or local businesses with your friends, family or colleagues, particularly when they’re looking for recommendations. Not only might they find a new favourite shop or spot to visit or dine out in, your favourite local businesses will benefit from a new customer. 

4. Nominate them in our favourite family business campaign

A quick and easy way to help your favourite local business to get more exposure is to nominate them for any relevant awards, nationally or in your area. This can go a long way to getting a business on the map - to get you started - make a nomination on our own Favourite Family Business campaign - the Favourite Family Business campaign will mean businesses can share their nominations and one business will be selected as the UK’s favourite business with a fabulous family photography session and award too. It only takes 2 minutes to spread a little happiness and there is no cost to take part. In fact if you nominate, you will be entered into a Free Prize Draw to win £50 to spend in your local area.

5. Leave a good review 

Customers are increasingly influenced by each other, so leaving a good review is really valuable to a business. According to Modern Retail more than half of shoppers read reviews before buying. One of the best ways you can lend a hand is to take a moment out of your day and leave a review, be it on Facebook, Google or TripAdvisor. Reviews posted online are a huge benefit to businesses, and a positive review posted for an audience to read can be a golden nugget to a local business to really drive custom their way.

We hope you have found these 5 ways to support a local business guide useful. Have a browse on ShopAppy to discover more local businesses you can support or if ShopAppy is not in your area, have a browse of - for more ways to support local, visit our longer article


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