Things to do in Yarm

Things to do in Yarm

Also known as Yarm-on-Tees, this picturesque village in North Yorkshire boasts a number of parks and a thriving health and beauty industry, making it the perfect spot for a relaxing day out or a weekend away. Sitting snug on the banks of the river Tees, you can even indulge in a peaceful boat trip or riverside walk, many of which are in view of the graceful arches of the town’s impressive viaduct.

Food and drink options to savour in Yarm

As always, finding a good place for lunch during a day’s shopping is a top priority, here are a few of the tastiest looking options available for hungry shoppers.


A great place to relax outdoors with a coffee while sampling some Italian cuisine, and with a wide selection of goods and meals to choose from and a friendly service, Borrelli’s makes for a nice location to sit and watch the world go by.

Borrelli’s also offers Vegetarian, Vegan and Gluten-Free options.


Mouth watering handmade bagels made on demand from a range of locally sourced and fresh ingredients. Drop in for a little disc of heaven amidst a busy day.


Family owned Italian restaurant Finzi, specialising in gourmet pizzas made with high quality ingredients found locally and cooked on site. Finzi prides itself in delivering new and exciting tastes to non-Italians, giving everyone the opportunity to the full range of flavours their regional cuisine has to offer. Nothing smells better than freshly baked pizza, so follow your nose (and your stomach) and pick up a meal for dinner or lunch from here.


For the perfect accompaniment, a must-stop is Fourteen Drops. A bar and a winery, specialising in small and artisan wineries avoiding the chemical and big commercial operations. Their selections show their advocacy of ‘Terroir’ a term used to express the environment of the vines which gives the wines they supply a true identity of place. You may want more than fourteen drops when you go.

wine glass

Indulge in some #selfcare at a spa

With a wide array of spas and beauty salons, Yarm is a great place to go for a little pampering while enjoying the natural beauty around you.


The definitive place to go for massages and skin-therapy in Yarm, with an atmosphere optimised for relaxation. Visit A Vita to rejuvenate mind and body alike.


Dedicated to finding the perfect products for you, LM Beauty offers a range of treatments all chosen by their on board specialists.

Shopping in Yarm

So, now you’ve had an excellent lunch and a pampering, let's try some retail therapy as well ... Here are some of our top picks from a town centre stuffed full of independent businesses

Cloud Cuckoo

A charming name, a gorgeous shop and a cosy atmosphere, Cuckoo also offers a great selection of home goods and gifts - the perfect finds for gifts or just for your own home and selves -after all you deserve a treat.


Continuing our accidental Italian theme, we have Layla’s, a quaint and well stocked boutique with an array of the latest fashion and cosmetics from Italy.


A “Georgian Gem” of a shop, apparently little can prepare you for the ‘unique experience’ you will encounter at Strickland and Holt. They have a little of everything here and a quirky atmosphere to back up their eclectic selection. Pictured just one of the beautiful items we found on our last trip...

decorated plate

Dog-friendly places for you and your best fluffy friend 

For those embarking on a day out with their fluffy companions, here are a couple places find a treat for our best fluffy friends


There are four main ways to a dog’s heart. Food, Toys, Walkies and Affection. The latter you can give any time, so let's give you a hand with the other three. Walk into the Pet Quarter and browse their range of dog toys - or better yet, let your doggo pick out their new present for you.


As the name suggests, there is no better place to pamper your pooches than here. With healthy and 100% natural treats that presumably taste very good, and a stock of care products picked out for you by their pet-loving staff.

Park life - Leven Park and Willey's Park in Yarm

That’s right, walkies. Also a valid option for non dog owners to stroll around, both relatively close to the town centre and providing some pretty and open spaces to enjoy for a picnic (with items picked up from a local deli) or to relax. Here's a map to guide you there.

Take a boat on the River Tees

If going further out is an option, then Tees Heritage Park is not far away. Enjoy a picturesque wander along the River Tees, with Yarm’s famous viaduct stretching across providing a dramatic backdrop for your instagram feed.

If walking just isn’t for you, then allow the currents of the River Tees to do all the work with a boat ride. Make sure to book in advance!

boat on river Tees

There is no doubt that there is a great day out in Yarm and its surrounding areas. Plenty of places to stop and shop, play and stay and eat and drink - visit ShopAppy Yarm for a pre-trip browse

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