Top ideas and activities for this Easter 2022

Top ideas and activities for this Easter 2022

As we all know, Easter is about food and family - like most holidays - except we hopefully get to celebrate it outside in the spring weather. Sometimes luck is not on our side however.

With Easter right around the corner, Shopappy is here with some recommendations for a homegrown harvest of egg-citing activities and gifts to spice up the day.  Enjoy a few ideas for activities (whatever the weather) for the whole family and some Easter gift ideas from lovely local businesses that are favoured most by the Easter bunny.

Top 5 Activities for the kids and kidults - Egg Decorating is our number one

Hard boil them and cool them right down would be our top tip on this as they will be more robust for painting. Use acrylic or poster paints, felt tips or food colouring for your design…Think themes if you want - how about Star Wars themed “The Eggpire Strikes Back” as an egg is a great shape for R2D2 and Chewbacca… ? Or go for something more traditional with little and cute round chicks or little bunnies. Geometric designs can look cool too and will set you nicely off with some mindful colouring in.  

If you are worried about the risk of some messy incidents, substitute the real thing with these cute decorations. Comes with all you need to paint and display them afterwards.

2. Get creative with Easter Bonnets

Sugar paper, cardboard or a newspaper can start off a creation. This should be shortly followed by the customary search for the glue or sellotape, followed by exclamations of “Well where did you last put it?!” So preparation is key and having a table to work from with all the possible bits of paper, glue, paint, ornamentation and ribbon you might need. Pipecleaners are great with tissue paper to create spring flowers to stick on. Of course whether you are doing this at home or for an event, it’s good to get competitive with bonnets - so the more outrageous the better. Of course at the end you will need to tie them with a lovely ribbon. This is our top find for Easter ribbons and would give any bonnet the wow factor in our opinion or indeed for any Spring or Easter crafting project

3. Take up a Free Easter Trail 

At Easter, your local town or city centres is highly likely to be doing a free Easter trail of some kind. These are fabulous ways for you to get out and about to discover hidden bunnies, eggs or all kinds of treasures. Often the shops offer free treats too. It is a great way to discover or rediscover your local high street - and you can combine it with some shopping too - an all together perfect family day out. If you can’t get out of the house or your local area has no trail - create one at home, hiding the eggs in and around the house, can be enormous fun for the family especially if you leave clues. Now for all that egg and treat collection, you may need an Easter themed tote - and this in our view is the cutest

4. Take a Spring Walk and do a SpringWatch

If you are lucky enough to live near a park, woodlands or open spaces, now is the perfect time to go out for a Spring Walk. We love the suggested nature trails by the National Trust here but any park or walk is so good for you, take some photos of Spring to create a collage or to keep to cheer you all up when the nights get darker again. You could challenge yourself to see if you can tick all of these on the BBC’s Springwatch list  

5. Enjoy an Easter movie night with lots and lots of chocolate treats

After all that gadding about finding Easter eggs, hidden bunnies, crafting, painting and bonnet-making - pick a movie for Easter at the cinema or at home. Easter weekend is great for classic movies on the telly. So pour yourself a hot chocolate, crack open the Easter eggs and put your feet up. If you need a chocolate stirrer, some dairy-free chocolate or a mahoosive hamper of chocolatey goodness, your local shops on ShopAppy and on are guaranteed to have something to suit. In fact here are our top chocolate picks from local shops this Easter.

Top Chocolate picks

Top Chocolate picks for a very happy Easter to go with or without an Easter Movie...

For those that prefer silk - this Galaxy hamper should last for the weekend

Lactose intolerant or vegan options from The Little Refill Shop offers a fabulous range of dairy free chocolate bars and easter eggs without any dairy. Have a browse on

For a bespoke celebration and the ultimate Easter Egg with no end of customizable options, look no further than the aptly named Indulgent Chocolates in Ashby-de-la-Zouch - complete with optional gold shimmer

Great Easter gifts 


 Of course it isn't all about chocolate, Easter and Spring provides a great opportunity to send somethuing special to someone special... or to just treat yourself.

Cute toy bunny

For the smallest members of the family comes the smallest of bunnies, extremely soft and comes with his own rabbit hole, this little guy is perfect for hiding in the grass on the big day.


Cosy egg cubpoard for your kitchen

An adorable home for your eggs, keeping them cosy with that coop vibe. Feel free to replace the eggs for chocolate ones on the day - keeping them hidden in plain sight, no-one will expect it.


A knitting chick kit - ideal for Easter crafters, knitters and stitchers


A super easter knitting kit for those with nimble fingers. Containing just the right amount of wool and all you need to make one of these cuddly fellows


Easter Small Cushion and bunny money box


Flowers and bunnies, what else screams Easter quite like them? Well, something soft with flowers and rabbits printed on them of course! Also comes with a little money pot for saving up cash for even more chocolate when the first batch of eggs runs out




Top 3 Easter experiences

As well as easter gifts wrapped up in an Easter bow, local high street shops offer a range of unique experiences – you just need to have a browse online to discover them or have a wander in-person...

Our top three Easter experiences are:

Easter wreath making in Chichester at Bunch Florist 

An Easter Chocolate Workshop at Moments in Thyme at Ashby De La Zouch

And if they pop up soon as they are currently sold out – any one of the messy chocolate and truffle workshops at Duffy’s Chocolates in Grimsby

Enjoy and keep this guide to surviving and thriving through the Easter holidays 

So that’s the end of our Easter round-up of activities, gift ideas and ways to spend the holidays – we always recommend that whether you are staying home or going on holiday, spend your time and money locally and it’s easier than ever to browse, book and buy online too with Always Hop Local.


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