Turn Black Friday Green by Shopping Local

Turn Black Friday Green by Shopping Local

Black Friday is just around the corner - and that only means one thing… a barrage of ‘unmissable’ deals and headline-grabbing offers hyped by national retailers and online giants with huge marketing budgets.

The problem with all this? It's misleading for consumers, bad news for small local businesses and harmful to the planet. That's why we're encouraging you to turn Black Friday Green this year and shop local instead!

What's Wrong With Black Friday?

For starters, most Black Friday deals are actually illusionary, with research showing that 95% of technology, home and personal care products were available at the same price, or cheaper, in the six months after Black Friday.

What’s more, Black Friday is very bad news for local high street shops and independent businesses who simply can’t afford to compete with the giants. The net result of our rush to snap up Black Friday ‘deals’ is that we bypass our local shops - many of which are really struggling after a tortuous time during the pandemic.

All of this also comes at a huge environmental cost, with Money.co.uk research estimating that Black Friday deliveries in 2020 could produce 429,000 tonnes of carbon - the equivalent of 435 return flights between London and New York!

Not to mention, many of us will make at least one impulse purchase during the Black Friday sales, that we will later go on to regret. Although it may be just a tenner lost to you, the planet and our local businesses are the real losers to Black Friday. 

So, we all rush to snap up ‘deals’ that aren’t even deals anyway, overbuying on stuff we don’t really need and bypassing our indies who need our support more than ever.

Still want to grab that ‘bargain’? We didn’t think so...

That’s why this year we’re encouraging you to bypass the hype and turn Black Friday Green instead.

Why You Should Go Green This Black Friday


ShopAppy proposes a greener alternative to Black Friday… Green Friday.

We’re encouraging you to shop locally whenever you can in the run up to Christmas and beyond, supporting your local independents who are really counting on your spend in the weeks ahead - and buying items with less packaging and less online deliveries.

So, instead of falling for the hype, shop locally instead - whether that’s by browsing your local high street or shopping locally online with ShopAppy.

The best bit? You can skip all the fakery and glitzy marketing campaigns and instead shop safe in the knowledge that every penny you spend is making a real difference to local business owners, making for happier people, happier places and a happier planet. 

Independent businesses have everything you need for Christmas, so whether you’re shopping for gifts, buying stuff for the big day or just treating yourself to something special, you’re sure to find exactly what you’re looking for.

How Do I Get Involved With Green Friday?

It couldn’t be easier… All you need to do is shop with your local businesses - and with a little help from ShopAppy, that’s easier than ever!

If you’re not familiar with who we are, then hello!

ShopAppy works by giving you a one stop shop for local businesses in your area. We offer the convenience of online shopping with the knowledge that you are helping your local community and businesses, bringing all your local indies together in one place. It’s convenience with a conscience - or, as we like to say, ShopAppiness.

Need another reason to embrace Green Friday and shop locally this year? 

We’re offering you a FREE five pounds off your purchase when you log in or sign-up as a customer and enter the code GREENFRIDAY at checkout. Subject to availability - limited to first 200 customers that sign-up on ShopAppy or ShopLocalOnline.org.

What are you waiting for? Shop local online - on our new national website now powered by ShopAppy or visit ShopAppy.com and discover your local area. Let’s support our local high streets by turning Black Friday Green.


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