Lucky Duck - Scorpio

Scarborough's Lucky Duck


Approx. Size 2.5cm x 3cm 

The lucky duck was first made many years ago by Mr Peter Rantell near Haworth.
Soon after, he moved to a small Scottish village and there the Ducks were made in blue glass as gifts for friends and relatives.

These little ducks seemed to bring good luck to their owners and so they became known as 'Lucky Ducks' and their popularity spread.

Some ten years later Peter moved to our beautiful Yorkshire coast.
It was then that he met Andy Wilson, they became close friends when Andy fitted out his shop in Whitby and in return,
Peter shared with Andy the technique of making lucky ducks and other glass animals.

Together they opened a shop in Scarborough, after the first year Peter continued in Whitby and Andy in Scarborough.

As the popularity of the Lucky Ducks spread, Andy decided to make them more personal
by matching the glass as near as possible to the colours of birthday gemstones in the Signs of the Zodiac.

Over the years we have received hundreds of letters from duck owners telling us of their good fortune.
Many people have won sums of money from a few pounds to nearly a million,
other people have written about passing exams and tests, getting new jobs,
winning competitions and we have even had a few much loved babies credited to us.

These little ducks seem to bring good luck and happiness in so many ways.

When Andy retired from his shop in 1983, I carried on the tradition of making these little Lucky Ducks.
First in the original premises, and since 1986, in larger premises as part of the expanded range of handmade glass
and crystal, engraved glass, gifts, cards and collectables.

Still today we have customers visiting our shop to tell us of the good fortune our lucky ducks have brought them,
and to see again how myself and my trained staff demonstrate how to make them.

We are always happy to hear from lucky duck owners!

Good luck!

Eveline Hart

We chose shades of brown glass to represent the Topaz which is the stone  for the Scorpio zodiac sign although a topaz can found in a variety of colours.
Handmade in Scarborough
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