DT Swiss F 535 ONE fork, crown adjust

Starting with a blank slate DT Swiss have taken a truly holistic approach with the F535, marking a total departure from past models and redefining what we can expect from a mid-travel trail fork

Starting with a hugely rigid 35 mm chassis and travel from 130-160 mm the F535 is intended to bring together the sensitivity of a long-distance trail fork and the mid-stroke support and control demanded by gravity racers in a truly exceptional package

Key to this are the unique spring and damping systems

The LINÉ-AIR spring offers the lightweight adjustability of air with a linear curve that blends lower initial resistance with steady, coil-like progression that offers better support to the fork throughout its travel rather than a sudden ramp at the end

The spring's characteristics can be adjusted with APT internal volume spacers as required The COIL-PAIR system handles the first 8 mm of travel to give a super supple coil-sprung intial stroke before a seemless transition to the air spring

The IN-CONTROL damper uses DT's unique PLUSHPORT position sensitive technology to ensure the fork behaves correctly at every point of its travel

The PLUSHPORT is an internal floating piston that changes the fork's damping characteristics as it moves through the stroke, ensuring the fork is sensitive to trail chatter but doesn't blow through its travel on big hits and resists diving under braking

A key advantage of DT's IN-CONTROL position-sensitive system is that the compression damping does not need internal adjustments or tuning for different riders or riding styles, just pump it up, set your preferred rebound and ride confident that you're getting maximum performance

An Open/Drive/Lock crown lever or remote allows you to stiffen the fork for long climbs on smoother terrain

Clean, Swiss design with smooth lines that don't collect mud

With legendary SKF seals from Sweden fitted as standard, oversized bushings and high quality all-metal internals DT Swiss are able to offer the best service intervals in the business with a full service only required every 200 riding hours or annually

All external adjustments can be carried out using the custom T10 tool hidden inside the front RWS axle

Includes DT Swiss 110 x 15 mm BOOST RWS axle with integrated set-up tool, custom bolt-on fender, APT volume spacers, cable guide kit, service kit and Top cap with star-nut


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