Solid Hand & Body Balm Bar

Solid hand and body balm bar Containing lashings of cocoa butter, shea butter, coconut oil, sweet almond oil and beeswax - the bar is solid at room temperature but melts on contact with the skin. Just warm the bar a little in your hands then rub over the required area, a little goes a long way. An excellent, natural and pure way to moisturise. Use on hands to keep them from drying out with all the extra hand washing and harsh sanitisers. Perfect for dry patches like on knees, elbows and heels etc. Totally unfragranced so excellent for anyone suffering from any kind of skin condition. What makes this bar even more wonderful is it comes wrapped in paper and packaged in a recycled kraft envelope for you to store in a tub or tin at home or you can purchase it in one of my tins (made from aluminium, the most recyclable material on the planet) to store it in - so no unnecessary plastic packaging - good for your skin and good for the planet
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