Homeze Multi-Device Holder - Desk Organiser & Docking Station for TV Controller, Phone, Tablet & Gadgets - Leather Electronics Caddy & Storage for Home and Office Table, Sofa & Shelf - Grey

LOOKING FOR A WAY TO KEEP YOUR DEVICES ORGANIZED? Chances are, you spend more time than you’d like tracking down missing phones or other personal belongings. Those pesky things have a habit of disappearing at the most inconvenient times! It’s especially bad when you’re already in a rush to get to work, but just what can you do about it? The easiest way to keep gadgets from going missing is with a personal organizer. And we have one that’s been designed to meet your every need. This Multi-Device Holder by Homeze is the perfect way to keep your gadgets in one place! Our latest patented design multi device holder, is the latest innovation in our product line. This product can hold tablets, Ipads, books, files, paper, remotes, mobile phones, and glasses. It can even be a great way to compartmentalise your make up or stationery. The holder is made with a quality leather finish, and has a thick soft velvet interior. The sleek, slide wave design is sure to fit into any room in your house, and compliment your décor. The side pocket is also a great space to accommodate items such as calculators, or your Kindle. This multi device holder will be a tidy addition to your work or living space! ORGANIZING HAS NEVER BEEN THIS EASY Featuring multiple compartments and plenty of space for your personal gadgets or household items, this organizer basket makes tidying up a breeze. Use it to store your smartphones, TV remotes, car key fobs, chargers, and anything else that you don’t want to lose track of! With its lightweight and portable build, you can easily bring this multi-device holder with you on trips. UNIQUE PATENTED DESIGN A good organizer doesn’t just keep your belongings secure - it also allows you to access them with minimal fuss or effort when needed. That’s why our multi-holder uses a patented design that keeps everything securely in place without any lids or straps to get in your way. It also has a large side compartment which is perfect for holding your Kindle, iPad, and other devices. MODERN SOPHISTICATED LOOK Our versatile multi-holder is stylish enough to double as a gorgeous accent piece for your interior décor. Its sleek, modern slide wave design is pleasing to the eyes and allows it to blend in effortlessly with your existing arrangements. The premium leather finish and thick yet soft velvet interior further lends it a classy, luxurious appeal that’s sure to leave a lasting impression.

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