Fruit flavour jelly shapes
Our hand cut biltong is all made in house from British and Irish beef silverside and the finest spices. We cut our beef thick so that the centre remains slightly moist and to maximise the beefy flavour of the biltong. You have a choice of texture and fat content and whether you want it sliced or...
Bubblegum flavour jelly sweets
Sugar coated bubblegum flavour jelly sweets
Allergen Free Pork Crackling, KETO Approved, Gluten Free and Low Carb - The Perfect Snack! Put in to a microwave for 20 seconds then dip in to apple sauce to gain that extra bit of crunch and flavour Handmade in Dorset, Britain using a family recipe developed with decades of taste-testing 11 Flavours
Chocolate flavour candy with a candy topping
Cola flavour jelly sweets
Fruit candy love heart sweets
Tasty fruit flavour gummy sweets
Beautifully pink from natural beetroot juice and flecked with crunchy nigella seeds.
Deliciously delicate oat biscuits with a touch of honey sweetness.
Pecans, caramel and toasted upcycled bread coated in White Chocolate caramel.
Fruit flavour gums with sweet foam gum
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