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Gemma Winter - It Started with a Stitch

Talented embroiderer and businesswoman Gemma Winter owns and runs “It started with a stitch” in Grimsby.  Both Gemma’s son and her father are involved in the business.  Step inside 9 Abbeygate to discover an exquisite and enchanting collection of independent shops – all individually run by talented craftspeople and artists who sell their own work here.  Everything is also available on so during lockdown there is no need for shoppers to visit and Gemma is a highly enthusiastic advocate of the platform. You can visit, browse, and buy at

Gemma’s son Robbie (12) likes being involved in the promotion of the business and helps to make short explanatory videos for social media - both as camera operator and star.  He’s also started to take an interest in pricing and is a whizz with the pricing gun according to mum Gemma.

Gemma says: “I think it’s important for young lads to see their mums do a day’s work outside of the home and not be running around after them all the time.  Robbie is growing up seeing and experiencing for himself that hard work equals rewards and that nothing is handed out on a plate.  Because he works with me on a regular basis he’s getting far more of an insight into the challenges and complexities of business and the world of work than most boys of his age and I think it will give him a real advantage when it comes to deciding his future career.  My dad has started to create decorative items from reclaimed wood to sell here too and it’s great to see Grandad and Grandson working together – two totally different generations learning from each other.”

Gemma has recently been named one of the top inspirational businesspeople in the UK in the F Entrepreneur 2021 #ialso list

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Gemma Winter

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