Gift ideas from local independent gift shops

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Need a guide to perfect gift ideas for your parents, your kids, your friends or your spouse..?

Well, here it is: Go to your local gift shop and take advantage of experienced advice to help you choose a unique gift. Your local shopkeeper guide will be happy to ensure that you pick the appropriate gift at the right price  from a range of high-quality, unique items. Not only can you get thoughtful presents for any age, but also a lovely card to go along with it; perfect for any occasion, like birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas and many more. And if you think that’s not enough, you can even have your gift expertly and tastefully wrapped so you can be saved that additional job at home. Buying from local gift shops means you can make it personal and stop bulk buying from warehouses which may or may not deliver on time.

Gifts that come with extra feel good...

It's so much better to buy gifts locally than from mega online shops or the big supermarket near you. Here are three reasons. Getting your gifts and presents from a local shop, with products that are much more likely to be locally sourced, helps cut down on processing, packaging and transportation waste, leading to less pollution. At a local gift shop, you can have a service which is much more personalised, where you can ask for items to be specially adapted to suit you, or gift boxes made up with exactly what you want inside. Away flies the hassle of overbuying and having to discard the unwanted, and here comes the ease of buying things just how you want them Local gift shops can also take in lists for weddings and other special occasions, so that it makes your shopping experience much easier, where there is no worry about buying something that the special someone already has. Not only are you making your rush for a Christmas shop a lot easier, but you are also supporting your local community. That feel good just adds even more happiness to your gift!

Here are just some of our top gift-buying spots on ShopAppy

Try Pedlar’s Gold in Swaffham for a diverse range of affordable gifts. Go to Simply So Lovely for children’s clothes and other beautiful toys and accessories in Swaffham. For gaming gifts, the top choice is Henchman Games with collectibles, boardgames and very knowledgeable shopkeepers too. Give it a go.

In Barnsley visit One Stop Game Shop for games, consoles, DVDs and other electronics. Take a look here or go to the award-winning Essential Shops to buy a variety of bath and shower products, candles and other handmade items. 

For a real treasure at Craven Court Shopping Centre for anyone into Harry Potter, comics, videogames and more -  we recommend Let's Make Something Beautiful as a top gift spot in Skipton. But in Skipton you are spoilt for choice. Visit Skipton’s Just By the Bridge x for quirky, rare finds. Browse here  or try Cool! Cards & Gifts for special, personalised items.  

Keighley’s Smalls Showroom specialises in luxury gifts and greeting cards. See for yourself here 

For candles and home fragrance products, pop into Appleyard Candles in Watton. 

Go to Vogue in Dereham for high quality jewellery, handbags and other gifts. Click here 

For more of an experience as a gift, Saltaire’s very own pottery studio offers original crafts that you can even have a go of making yourself. Have a look 

And last but not least, is the treasure trove that is Tickhill's Davie Fine Art and Giftware - you will enjoy the browsing online and in person

With ShopAppy, you are no longer too busy to shop closer to home. You can order online from your local gift shops and know that those gifts will be coming from a shopkeeper who did a happy dance when you ordered the items and will be doing the best they can, to make your gifts stand out. No cardboard, no overpackaging and no warehouses, just personal, local and independent. Visit to see more.

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