Let us be Gin

At ShopAppy HQ every Friday we have a gin meeting on Zoom at 5pm. We love it, and we are all building up our gin knowledge and selections at a rapid rate. Now keep reading because there is the potential for a bottle of gin to be coming your way at the very end….

Over recent years, the popularity of gin has grown exponentially. The reason for the meteoric rise in popularity started in 2009 with some legal changes that came into force. HMRC lost a legal battle against Sipsmith. The HMRC rules had previously prevented distilleries from producing small quantities of gin. Suddenly distilleries had the right to make and sell gin in smaller quantities… the floodgates burst open!

Unique flavourings, spices and combinations came to the fore, and the full creativity of distilleries began to flourish. New tonics came along offering wonderful flavour combinations to mix with these new varieties – suddenly the world was not just Gordons and Schweppes but London Bathtub and Fever Tree and so much more.

So it is no surprise that we have a growing number of businesses joining us offering their own local takes, blends and gin combinations that are quite delectable. Here are a few delights which would make a great gift for yourself or (if you must) for someone else.... And remember they can be home delivered or posted too. 

Our top picks from the ShopAppy.com drinks cabinet would be…

Cardamom gin from Hotham's Gin School and Distillery in Hull
Bramble and Bay Gin from Whitby Distillery in Whitby
Alfred Button & Sons "perfectly rhubarb and rosehip" Gin Liqueur from Saltaire Wines in Bradford 
Forged in Wakefield Gin - Spiced Orange from Vintoto in Wakefield
Persie Herby and Aromatic Gin from Zetland Winestore in Northallerton

and if you are feeling a bit green about all this gin mullarkey – we recommend you buy a guide for afficianados from PLUM in Malton -  so the next time you are with friends in person or on zoom you can wow them with your gin-based knowledge.

Competition Prize Draw

Now as we promised to be in with a chance to win a bottle of gin from one of these prized collections, just answer the quiz question (which will show you have been reading this article carefully) and leave your details so we can get in touch. The competition closes on December 1st, 2020. Terms and conditions apply.

What company successfully won a legal battle against the HMRC to enable distilleries to make gin in smaller quantities?

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