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Moons Micro (Microgreens)
Moons Micro (Microgreens) At Moons Micro we think fresh, healthy food should be available to everyone at reasonable prices.

We deliver super healthy, super fresh, immunity boosting microgreens to your doorstep.

What Are Microgreens?
Microgreens are amongst the healthiest foods on the planet. A true super food packed with concentrated nutrients, vitamins, minerals & antioxidants. Young plants harvested at their most nutritious, delicious state.

Our Microgreens are organically grown with no fertilizers or pesticides in peat free soil in the heart of the Hope Valley. Vertically farmed using less land and less water. Locally sold to minimise food miles and because they’re harvested and delivered within hours, you enjoy a longer shelf-life. Our punnets are PLA compostable bioplastic, made from plant starch that can be processed through your council composting service.

How can I get some?
SHOP APPY ORDERS - we grow to order and harvest once per week to minimise food waste - so if you'd like to order our tasty microgreens via Shop Appy then please place your order by the 9am Wed cutoff for deliveries to the Hope Valley area on Thur/Fri. (Tues/Wed delivery currently not available).

Access to super fresh & healthy food is a priority right now, so you'll also find us at The Edge Farm Shop on the Hope Valley Garden Centre site and Knab Farm Shop in Sheffield.
And if you'd like a regular doorstep delivery then you can set up a weekly or fortnightly subscription via our website (link on left) - its easy peasy! - we deliver to Sheffield; S11, S10, S7, Meersbrook & Hathersage, Hope, Castleton & Bamford every Friday morning.

Or just give us a call 07859419176 or message us via instagram @moonsmicro
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