Artisan Bread, Sweet Treats and the Joy of Independent Bakeries

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There is so much fresh baking going on - have you tried your local independent bakery lately?

Why not call in at your local bakery and take advantage of the huge range of freshly baked goods, including many regional specialities, they have to offer? In the supermarket you often have to buy more than you need, which means you have to throw away the leftovers, or eat more than your fair share. But at your local bakers, you have the luxury of selecting exactly the high-quality produce you want, exactly how you want it. From custard tarts to sausage rolls, vanilla slices to celebration cakes, even chocolates and truffles, where else could you choose from a delectable selection of mouth-watering treats, whilst getting warm and friendly service? Bakers can even make up a bespoke box to meet your expectations.The experienced bakers on ShopAppy will be delighted to help and are proud to use their expertise in creating a personal service just for you. One thing is for certain, your local bakers’ produce will always rise to the occasion!

Why shop at your local independent bakery when there’s a perfectly good supermarket down the street?

Well, your bakery will be much more likely to source their products locally, reducing their carbon footprint and helping support the surrounding community. The goods you buy will have a much smaller field-to-fork voyage, having less impact on the environment, meaning that you can finally feel good about the bread, cakes and other sweet treats you love to eat. And that’s not the only reason you can feel good about eating all these carbs! By doing away with the refined white bread you get in the supermarket, you can start chomping on the whole-grain, you’ll have a lot more energy and will feel a lot happier. Studies even show that eating whole-wheat carbs can lower your blood pressure, reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease, and helps to protect you from a whole range of other chronic diseases. In addition, whole-grain breads, that you can get from your local bakery, are complex carbs high in dietary fibre which are digested more slowly, keeping you full for longer. Who would have thought that eating bread is actually good for you? Now there’s no reason not to shop at your local independent bakery, for all your healthy carbohydrates!

Here are some of our favourite local bakeries on ShopAppy

Swaffham’s finest bakery, Wellbread Bakers, offers a huge range of cakes and pastries. Have a browse and order what you fancy online - then just collect later from the Market Cross cafe 

Try Skipton’s Walker’s Bakers & Chocolatiers for quality, fresh, handmade chocolates and breads. Visit online here  or go to Kibble Bakery for a dog friendly artisan bakery.  

In Barnsley - look no further than the fabulous Krusty Loaf for an fantastic range of breads, cakes, tarts and pies 

For quick service and tasty treats, try the Bakery in Attleborough. Browse online here

Saltaire’s pop up bakery on Edward Street Bakery offers delicious, artisan products. Have a look and definitely go along to their weekly pop-ups!  

Pick some fresh bread alongside some lovely fillings at Upstairs Downstairs in Thirsk. Visit Upstairs Downstairs 

Visit Jonathon’s Field to Fork in Baildon for quality local breads and other treats. 

For those with a sweet tooth, pop into Unique Sweets & Treats for tasty treats in Great Yarmouth. Click here 

Just because you are busy, you don't need to miss out on the best local baking. Simply browse and order what you want online, then collect it later. Bon Appetit!

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