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Learn how to prepare fresh and flavoursome meat-free dishes. This class is suitable for a variety of people, vegetarian or not. Menu: Vegetable Samosa with Raita Thai Style Sweet Potato & Chick Pea Curry with Thai Jasmine Rice Bread & Butter Pudding (sent pre-prepared by the Chef) NOTE: Class makes 2 courses, dessert is sent pre-prepared ready to enjoy Class is priced at £50 per box for 2 people on the same screen/in the same household and £25 per additional box for 2 on the same screen/in the same household For separate screens/households, please purchase separately Please scroll down to view further details, including class format.  A cookery class from the comfort of your own kitchen, anywhere in the UK. Join us live on zoom where our Head Chef Stuart will teach the class to you from our kitchen to yours. An online, interactive, and fun session where you can mingle with our other guests while preparing and enjoying the menu for the evening. Prior to the class, we will deliver a box to your home with all the ingredients you will need along with instructions on what equipment you will need and how to join us on the evening. It really is a night in with a difference! DESCRIPTION: Whether you already follow a vegetarian lifestyle but are looking for some new inspiration or simply want to eat less meat or introduce some healthier dishes to your meal planning, this Cook School @ Home class is perfect for you!  Format DAY CLASSES – 12:45pm START TIME Timings: 12.45pm: Welcome and introductions 1pm: The cooking begins 1.45pm: Starter ready to be enjoyed 2pm: Cooking the main course 2.45pm: Main course ready which can be enjoyed with the group and our team or you can sign off at this point and enjoy with your group 3pm: End EVENING CLASSES – 6.45pm START TIME Timings: 6.45pm: Welcome and introductions 7pm: The cooking begins 7.45pm: Starter ready to be enjoyed 8pm: Cooking the main course 8.45pm: Main course ready which can be enjoyed with the group and our team or you can sign off at this point and enjoy with your group 9pm: End Zoom Session Requirements Bandwidth Requirements – To achieve a smooth call your internet connection should be able to maintain a minimum download and upload speed of 1.5Mbps. Speeds under these requirements may still work but may be subject to choppy/frozen video and poor quality sound. To test your internet connection please go to website Please remember that Zoom may not be the only thing using your internet bandwidth, other considerations to take into account are: Other Apps on your device. These should be shutdown before your session as they are most likely to be connecting to the internet periodically and using available bandwidth. Other devices in your household. If your son/daughter is immersed in Fortnite or streaming the latest movie from Netflix to their phone they will be consuming large amounts of your bandwidth. Best practices to get a smooth, quality Zoom session is to shutdown Alexa and ban the kids from using their consoles and phones. Disclaimer Cook School Scotland does not have any affiliation with Zoom. CookSchool Scotland is merely using the Zoom service as a customer. All customers and partners use Zoom and this guidance at their own risk. 
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