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Kilmarnock's Oldest family run restaurant

“IMAGINE – A tree-lined Loch The aroma of coffee The Taste of fresh locally sourced artisan food You have just experienced the Laird’s Table, our cafe/restaurant at the stunning Lochside...

We are currently working behind the scenes on our products offering for you. Please come back soon

The Kings Arms is an old coach house from the 1700’s, that was used for weary travellers going from Glasgow to Ayrshire. The building is steeped in history and is the centre of the...

We are based and fully support Kilmarnock. Kilmarnock Eats is Your Local Takeaway

We deliver your favourite local takeaway food and goods directly...

We are currently building our product and services options, come back soon and see what we have to offer! We are looking forward to having you visit us here.

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