Hectic Hedonist at Enlightenment Kirkcaldy

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Hectic Hedonist at Enlightenment Kirkcaldy

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Hectic Hedonist at Enlightenment Kirkcaldy “A thing of beauty is a joy forever” (John Keats 1795-1821)
I made my first tea light holder in 2012, which was when I discovered my love for wood. It is useful, unique and beautiful. The infinite variations in shape, grain and colour make it a wonderful material to work with and gaze at. Since 2012 I have made a variety of tea light holders which were then given as presents to friends and family.
I have always led a rather hectic and hedonistic lifestyle, which (fortunately) has been balanced by a strong work ethic.
After accepting redundancy a few years ago, I spent some time travelling in Europe, supporting the Scottish whisky industry and contemplating my future.
This shop represents my first tentative steps toward my possible futures. You will notice that all my stock of any item for sale is 1, which reflects the individuality and uniqueness of everything I make. Where would we be without mass production, but what a dull world it would be without the unique beauty of individuality.
I hope the fruits of my labour bring you pleasure.

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