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Make sure you consider your local florists whenever you need to commemorate a special event. Whether it’s one stem or a whole bouquet, it’s always good to say it with flowers. Do you want a cost-effective skillful arrangement of your favourite bunch, partnered with expert advice? Then use your local florists. Not only are the fresh, seasonal flowers good quality and good value, but they are also more likely to be local plants that you wouldn’t normally find in the supermarket. Whether you want a wreath, a pot plant, a table decoration or a corsage, make use of the expertise that your local florists have to provide for life’s special moments and tributes. Many of the florists on ShopAppy in your area, not only mark the special occasions, but offer seasonal bouquets and arrangements to keep us all happy. Beautifully presented with tasteful artistry, your local florists will always keep life rosey.

What’s so good about fresh flowers from your local independent florist?

Studies show that offices that had flowers and other plants dotted around managed to have higher cognitive performance than in offices without those colourful bunches. This is because smelling those delicate floral scents make us feel a lot more positive and a lot less anxious. Flowers on your local high street also are much more likely to be natural colours, undyed as opposed to the supermarket, and these calmer colours help make us feel calmer too. And the flowers you pick from your local florists last up to three times longer than imported ones, meaning these health benefits will be with you much longer. You’ll also have the peace of mind that you have not added to your carbon footprint, as these flowers come from your local community and will have travelled fewer miles than imported ones. Not only that, but they are less likely to be wrapped up in plastic packaging that we all know and detest, like supermarket or imported plants. There is no better feeling than knowing that the plants in your home, that make you feel happier and calmer, have not impacted the environment in a negative way.

For the best fresh, seasonal flowers and thoughtful arrangements, we recommend you have a look at the following independent florists on ShopAppy

To get a bouquet or even learn how to make amazing flower arrangements in the comfort of a calm cafe - try Otley's Casa Vitae 

Visit Precious Petals in Swaffham for creative displays that make the most of the seasonal blooms and styles.  

Go to Flowers by Sarah Jayne in Barnsley for friendly, personal service for all your needs.Take a look here in Barnsley - our favourite bouquets are the blooms emerging from handbags which are so creative! 

Berries Florist in Skipton offers delightful flowers and skilled, helpful staff. See for yourself here 

Visit Brambles & Blooms in Saltaire for bespoke designs and free consultations. 

Try Attleborough’s Inspired Flower design for bouquets, arrangements baskets and much more. Visit online here

For bright and beautiful flowers for any occasion, pop into Alina Florist in Thirsk. 

And don't miss Daisy’s Artisan Flowers in Dereham for fresh flowers daily

Supermarket flowers just don't make the grade, so next time you fancy treating yourself or someone close, but are a bit busy, think local first and check out your independent florist on

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