After the most challenging trading months in decades with lockdowns, enforced closures and safety fears, we and our community of local businesses would like to thank communities for supporting them. Whether it has been customers continuing to shop local or promoting the plight of local businesses on social media, volunteering to deliver local goods or supporting them during reopening – local communities have provided a lifeline and morale boost to many local shops up and down the UK.

Businesses across the UK are being invited to nominate individuals that have helped them through lockdown and ShopAppy team will be sharing the stories of these inspiring individuals and selecting the top 3 nominations at the end of May to receive a thank you gift! 

If you are a local business or community member that would like to share a story about someone that has gone above and beyond to help their local businesses, please nominate them by clicking on the button below or getting in touch with us on [email protected]


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