Increase sales with your personality

Want more customers to support your business? Make it personal.

Research on behaviours during the pandemic in 2020 suggest that the way we shop has changed for good. We are shopping more online, but we are also responding more positively to local. This is far from being the end for our high streets as we often hear in the media. But it does mean our high streets need to adapt without losing what makes them special. 

Whilst lockdown continues to affect many parts of the country, ShopAppy allows businesses to continue to serve customers in a safe and effective way. Using the platform, customers can buy local products, services, online experiences or events, or ‘buy now, enjoy later’ vouchers. They can browse, book, ‘click and collect’ or choose from available home delivery options. However winning customers over by making a sale is only half of the battle and this is where adding a personal touch has and continues to really make a difference. 

In a recent panel, three successful ShopAppy business members shared their insights on making the most out of the platform. All of the businesses included their faces in their ShopAppy profile photos as just one basic step. The idea is so simple but allows consumers to feel like they are purchasing from an individual, a fellow human being, rather than a faceless brand. When social interaction becomes less common, a human element at this time becomes even more important. People do business with people. 

Adding a personal touch can be achieved in numerous ways by adding a selfie on your shop profile, to adding a personal touch to some of your everyday business tasks.

Rachel from The Paint Box in Cleethorpes told us “I follow all my orders up with my own confirmation email, a personalised email that says “Thank you so much for your orders in these difficult times.” I always say ‘from Rach’ rather than ‘The Paint Box’ at the end.”

Whilst using the shop name may be part of the brand, this small change allows the owner’s personality to shine through, an added benefit that consumers often appreciate when purchasing from independent businesses. 

Social Media is another area where the human element and being authentic works wonders when trying to compete against larger brands. Personalisation is a hugely valuable asset that small businesses can benefit from that is often lost as companies expand.

Rachel said “As soon as I have started sharing more about me and being more personal with my customers, my social media engagement has gone up.” 

Developing a sense of community with their followers and individualised offerings allows independent businesses to create a social media strategy that really works.

Barry from The Artery in Banbury creates personalised product packs which he uses during his monthly art demonstrations, “I’ve got 3 paint brushes I use and I’ve called them “Barry’s Trio of Brushes” with a plasticine version of myself which is in the photograph.” Barry told us that he sold many more of these brushes than he expected because of that extra personal touch.

Rachel added “Where I live there is a business that does exactly what I do. They have a bigger selection and have been doing it longer with a bigger studio and better parking …. but we (The Paint Box) hold our own against this business because we’re very personal, everyone’s part of the Paint Box family and I firmly believe the reason we hold our own is because we are very personal.”

Whilst the way we shop may be changing, people still want to buy from those they trust and curating a brand that shines with personality is a great way of achieving this.  Once an order is made, make it personal with your packaging – not a packing slip, but a personal note with a smiley, will really set you apart.

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