Electric Colour Changing 3D Firework Aroma Lamp Wax Melt Warmer Oil Burner

Electric Colour Changing Plug-In LED Aroma Lamp The Aroma Lamp Takes On an Exciting New Twist. Stunning 3D Firework Design That Is Not Just Restricted To Just One Colour, The LED Lights Inside Cycle Through a Mesmerising Array of Colours as They Fade Gently To The Next. The Wax Melt Dish Is Contained Inside the Body of the Lamp And Is Heated On a Hot Plate Can Be Used For Wax Melts & Fragrance/Essential Oils A Safer Alternative To Using Naked Flame Candles 13cm Wide x 17cm Tall LED Lights Mean That You Won't Need To Replace Halogen Bulbs, and You Can Choose Which Colour You Prefer or Set It To Colour Changing Works Perfectly With My Home Made Wax Melts For Sale In My Store Manufacturer DescriptionExpanding on our best selling Aroma Lamp we have taken our best designs and put them on our exciting new range of LED burners that not only melt your favourite wax or oil to fill your room with the fragrance our choice but you have the choice of different colours with colour changing shuffle that really lights up the experience. CE & RoHS Compliant

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