Fizzy Berry hand made highly scented 50 gram wax melt bar

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Highly Scented Wax Melt BarsOur wax snap bars are made from Soy wax which is natural and renewable as it is made from soy beans. It does not release the harmful chemicals that paraffin wax releases when burnt so is a lot better for the environment and your household. We have chosen Soy wax as it is natural, vegan friendly & cruelty free. The scents we use in our wax bars are also vegan & cruelty free.  We have many stunning fragrances available and will continue to add more weekly, if your favourite fragrance isn't listed please feel free to message me and I will see if we can get your desired fragrance! Each snap bar comes individually packed in a glassine bag and is sealed with a CLP label.  Each bar weighs 50 grams & each bar measures approximately 4.5cm x 11.5cm x 1.5cm. These large bars compromise of either 5 or 10 blocks depending on which mould is used but all weigh 50 grams unlike some other smaller bars on the market. These bars should give around 70 to 80 hours of scent throw.  Some fragrances are naturally stronger so some bars will last longer than others. These work perfectly in all tea light wax burners and We have tested them in a wide range of electric burners and have had good results in 99% of the ones we have tested as we use wax with a low melting point NEED AN OIL/WAX WARMERWe have an extensive range of tea light and oil burners in our store so please take a look at our other listings HOW TO USETo use simply place between 5 to 10 grams(1 or 2 blocks) of the bar in to the well of your wax melter/oil burner and enjoys hours of you favourite scent. Do not add any oil or water to your burner while using wax. The wax will melt and the fragrance will be released into your home. The burn time will depend on the fragrance used and the environment of which they are used in.  This handmade melt bar is a perfect gift for loved ones & any friends who are wax melt fans. It makes a great gift for all occasions, such as birthdays, mother's day, valentine's day, anniversaries, Christmas or just as a gift for any friend or loved one!

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