Welcome to Kirkcaldy, known locally as the Lang Toun, one of the longest towns in the UK.

Here’s why we love it and we think you will too!

Kirkcaldy is full of character, medieval architecture, gorgeous public gardens and parks and a beautiful Waterfront which forms part of Fife’s 117 mile Coastal Path.

As a town we are big on community and all about people. Nearly 50% of our fantastic cheerful and colourful businesses are independents who are waiting to welcome you as a new customer or a regular returner who loves the Lang Toun as much as we do!

Love oor Lang Toun is a community based project set up to support and showcase the town and help the town centre to develop as a hub at the heart of our community. The project has been supported by local partners such as Fife Council, Greener Kirkcaldy, Fife Cultural Trust, Kings Theatre, Business Gateway Fife, the businesses and hopefully YOU as a customer of Kirkcaldy – by spending locally you can help support Kirkcaldy’s local economy. If just 10% of Kirkcaldy’s population spent just £10 a week locally that would create an extra £1,792,800 per annum going into our local economy, supporting businesses, jobs and the community.

You have made a fantastic choice so far visiting ShopAppy Kirkcaldy, stay to browse and buy and become a local hero in our local love story, the difference is you!

If you are a business and you would like to be part of the ShopAppy Kirkcaldy site, please register here and it's free for 6 months.