Cort G260CS Olympic White - Guitar

The new G260CS is a more traditional version of the popular G260DX that will appeal to players who are more into the vintage vibe. Featuring Alder body, Roasted Maple neck, Pau Ferro fingerboard, vintage machine heads and a nickel-covered humbucker in the bridge position, this guitar has the big, warm sound that harks back to the glorious classic rock era of the 60’s and 70’s. ALDER BODY The Alder body provides a warm and full-bodied tone. Alder provides the classic in tone while Roasted Maple for the neck adds a modern element to the overall sound of the guitar. It’s a time-proven wood combination for superb sonic versatility. ROASTED MAPLE NECK WITH ROASTED MAPLE NECK By treating the Maple in an oxygen-free oven at a high temperature, the wood stabilizes and develops a golden-brownish look for enhanced stability as well as a more vintage type of look and a big bolder tone. A dense hardwood with a tonal character somewhere in between Maple and Rosewood, Pau Ferro also has the smooth feel of ebony and a high-end luxurious look. VOICED TONE VTS-63 & VTH-59 WITH VINTAGE VOICE WIRING The new Voiced Tone VTH-59 bridge humbucker and VTS-63 single-coil pickups perfectly complement the big robust acoustic sound of the guitar with modern clarity, transparency and vintage warmth. Painstakingly developed by Cort’s engineers by drawing on decades of pickup winding experience, the Voiced Tone pickups feature the highest-grade components and winding techniques to allow the natural character of the guitar to be faithfully delivered to the amp. Special wiring lets the single-coil pickups “see” a 250K pot for a sweet high-end while the bridge humbucker “sees” the 500K load to get the maximum performance out of both the humbucker and the single-coil pickups. TREBLE BLEED CIRCUIT This new feature on the G260CS is a capacitor on the volume pot which allows the treble frequencies to come through even when you turn down the volume pot. This means that the tone stays the same no matter how you have your volume pot set and does not get dark or muffled. SPECIFICATION CONSTRUCTION: Bolt-on BODY: Alder COLOUR: Olympic White NECK: Roasted Maple FRETBOARD: Pau Ferro (305 ㎜ (12″) Radius) FRETS: 22 SCALE: 25.5″ INLAY: Rectangular White Pearl TUNERS: Vintage BRIDGE: 2 Point Tremolo w/ Steel Bent Saddle PICKUPS: Voiced Tone H-S-S Pickup Set ELECTRONICS: 1 Volume & 2 Tone, 5 Way Lver Switch, Vintage Voicing HARDWARE: Chrome STRINGS: D’Addario® YB EXL120 Weight: 3.3kg
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