The Luxury Exotic Venus Box

These beautiful gift boxes are the perfect present for your loved one. These boxes are made up of local produce from a range of local businesses, so you can give a gift that keeps on giving! This box contains:
  • Coop Ceramics - soap dish (colour may vary)
  • Happy Hive - beeswax candle
  • Happy Hive - Bee Mine lip balm
  • Welsh Valley Soap - Exotic Venus
  • Exotic Venus. Ylang Ylang & Golden Grapefruit
  • Balance & harmony with a sprinkle of cheekiness. This spirited soap has a heady floral fragrance. Ylang Ylang which brings forth feelings of peace, inner-trust & self-confidence. Allow the sensation of joy & ease wash over you, melting away any tension. The high note of Golden Grapefruit balances oily skin & is reported to reduced cellulite! A pep, pick & perk you up, all in one little soap bar - see I told you it was a bit cheeky! Now with added jojoba oil.
    Zero Penarth

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