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Rachel Harvey and Austen

Rachel Harvey, who runs The Paintbox in Cleethorpes has been inspired to introduce new, creative projects by her four-year old daughter, Austen, who is also the poster girl for the company.

The Paintbox is a child-centred business where laughter, mess and joy are compulsory.  It specialises in making memories through hand and footprint keepsakes.

Rachel says: “I bought the business in 2015 as an established business with a fantastic reputation. Once I became a mum, I noticed that our baby print service was becoming more and more popular. As a first-time mum wanting to capture every moment, I understood why memories were so important. This inspired me to really focus on the keepsakes and make it my specialty. I was surrounded by new mums and babies and it just felt like the natural thing to offer. I often joke that having my daughter was the best marketing strategy ever. 

“Austen is too little to help physically yet but as she gets older, I hope to take her in to work with me and one day hopefully we will work side by side.  

“Being a mum gives me an inside understanding of what my customers want. We all just want to slow down time to stop our children growing up so fast. Making memories together and capturing milestones is so important and I'm so pleased to be part of that. Children are the life blood of my business and ate highly valued as such. I just love everything they bring. 

“ShopAppy has given me an invaluable online presence. It's helped me focus a very hands-on business and adapt to new ways of working. It saves me so much time and is so easy to use. “

You can find The Paintbox at

Rachel (Right) and Austen 

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