Lowry At Home

In 1966, Clive Arrowsmith, then a young photographer, was sent on assignment to Salford by Nova Magazine. His subject was LS Lowry. The lauded painter, by then in his seventies, had a reputation for being cynical and suspicious of visitors, but he warmed to Arrowsmith and his youthful exuberance. By the end of the two-day shoo, the photographer had a considerable range of pictures. The images of the artist depicted him at his Mottram-in Longdendale home, in his cluttered studio and outside, in his neglected back garden. Arrowsmith also ventured out into the streets of Salford with Lowry, photographing the people - particular the local children - factories, terraced houses and chimneys that had been the artist's muse for half a century.

Recently rediscovered, having lain hidden in an attic for several years, Clive Arrowsmith's remarkable photographs of one of Britain's best-known artists are published in full her for the first time.
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