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Cabaret Saltaire: Making my Mother Laugh

A Documentary Film by Danny Hardaker Runtime: 25 minutes Let Squinty McGinty and Billy Button take you back in time to a world largely forgotten. Grab a pint of mild from the bar, buy a ticket for the meat raffle and get ready to be transported back to a 1970's working men's club extravaganza. Welcome to Squinty McGinty's Saltaire Cabaret! Squinty McGinty's Saltaire Cabaret is a thriving part of the cultural make-up within the Bradford district, it has a cult following and legions of loyal fans who attend every performance. This documentary tells the story of the cabaret via talking heads and behind the scenes footage of Steve Huison (Squinty McGinty) and Stewart Lodge (Billy Button), it explores their working relationship and other characters within the Cabaret Saltaire. It is community theatre at its finest and features a classic comedy double act. The show transports you to a time gone by where the audience is a vital part of the entertainment. The project was filmed pre Covid. It is time to remind ourselves of the thriving live entertainment that took place (and will return) in these pockets of creativity in the Bradford district. This documentary explores the show and the relationships that make it so special. It is the perfect antidote to the feelings of isolation and loneliness that we are all enduring right now. This has been self funded by the film makers and so we are premiering this documentary to the Cabarets loyal fanbase to raise funds for film festival entries and promotion of the film this year. We can also hopefully spread the laughter further afield at film festivals nationwide, with your support we can deliver it to an extensive audience and show people the high standard of community theatre live entertainment that we have here. Once streamed it may be some time before it is available to watch again online. This documentary has been a labour of love for the Cabaret, we hope you enjoy watching it as much as we enjoyed making it. Lets hope we can all get back to the Caroline Club with Squinty and Billy very soon!'
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