Korworra Czeztikov Mind-Reading Psychic Séance

Ever considered hosting a Zoom mind-reading psychic séance? No, of course you haven’t. Not until now. And now you have considered it, and realised what an amazing idea it is of yours, go ahead and book the one and only KORWORRA CZEZTIKOV to materialise on your computer screen. With the aid of Beverley, his psychic sock, he will channel the spirits of the departed, read your mind and generally astound you with his supernatural whatsits.
Not suitable for small children, those of a nervous disposition, or those on the brink of death.

Please give at least 24 hours notice advance booking.
Please state the names of séance attendees when booking.
Session lasts approximately 15 minutes depending on if the spirits are engaged on another Zoom call.
Maximum of 5 attendees per Psychic Séance

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