Crystal Dragons and Shadows, The peculiar adventures of Jem Scott.

This is my book which I wrote in response to a comment my son once made when playing on the beach. It is a children's adventure story composed of 20 chapters which tells the story of Jem Scott and his friend Luka. They find themselves embarking on an adventure, entering a strange world where with the help of a strange old man called Enzo and using Jem's astonishing ability to draw three dimensional objects, they manage to come to the rescue of a group of local dragons which have the ability to travel from one dimension to another. The dragons have a serious problem with clouds of minute creatures who attack them to abduct the young crystal dragons. They are called crystal dragons because they eat rocks. It has moments of drama and humour along with battle scenes. There is no bad language and nothing in it which is unsuitable for the ears of children. Aimed at approx 8-14 years dependant on reading ability. It is worth mentioning here that I have sold many of these to adults who have reported back to me that they thoroughly enjoyed it. It is easy light reading, magical without the presence of wizards or wands and spells. Published by Bannister Publications of Chesterfield. ISBN 978-1-909813-45-8. If requested I will sign your copy for you.
Mark Veevers

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