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See item here : Avoid clutter forever and manage your devices with consummate ease, with the Homeze remote stacker. Ergonomically designed from top quality material, this is home comfort. This is Homeze. The Homeze Control Holder is a must for any home, a useful complement to both TV and home entertainment systems. We all experience the frustration of mislaid remote controls, maybe even accidental damage from being stood on, or being squeezed down the sofa. Many remote control holders are anything but discreet and are far in design, quality and styling from your home furnishings or interior design. The Homeze Remote Control Holder is not only functional and will hold up to five controls in an easy to identify row, but with a high quality luxurious exterior finish and a protective soft lining, it is designed to complement your home furnishings. It is hard wearing and built to last, perfect for use in all your rooms with a TV or entertainment system and remote controls. Supplied in gift packaging.

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