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BalloonPlay ABOUT THE BALLOONPLAY™ DELUXE BALLOON ANIMAL KIT We’ve spent 3 years developing and handpicking the highest quality balloons and balloon pump to bring you the best balloon animal kit around. Our flagship product is the “Deluxe Balloon Animal Kit”, which includes more than 130 balloons with 4 different shapes and types, a special balloon marker, the highest quality balloon pump, and a special code to unlock the BalloonPlay™ app - everything you need to get started in your own balloon animal experience. ABOUT THE BALLOONPLAY™ APP The BalloonPlay™ App is the world’s first app that brings dozens of fun and easy-to-follow, Balloon Animal Twisting Tutorials directly to you. Watch the balloon video tutorial of your choice, following a fun, step-by-step tutorial and instantly start creating, inflating, and enjoying until you’re done. It turns passive screen time into a fun and educational bonding experience between family members, friends, even classmates and co-workers.

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30 days money back guarantee, no questions, asked..ahhm.. actually one question, just tell me why you are returning my fantastic Balloon Modelling Kit .🤔 not happy? all good, just send it back in a sellable condition and get your money and the shipping costs. deal?
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