Frozen Peas - 100g

Freshly-frozen, tender and sweet grade AA British peas grown on a third generation Yorkshire farm.
Frozen within 2.5 hours of being picked, locking in all the nutrients.
Just one serving of freshly frozen peas contains as much Vitamin C as 2 large apples.

Cook from frozen. Place in a little boiling salted water and simmer until tender. Drain and season. Alternatively can be steamed until tender. Delicious as a meal accompaniment or added to a risotto.

You will need to bring a container suitable for this product - either a clean takeaway tub, freezer bag or even reusing an old frozen food bag. The inner packet from a box of cereal works well for this.
Country of Origin:
More Information
Country of Origin UK
Ingredients AA Grade Garden Peas.
Nutritional Value There are no details here, if you would like to know more please contact the business directly.
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