Virgin Oils Collection 4 x 40ml

Exclusive Christmas crackers filled with a selection of 2020 Great Taste Award winner cold pressed oils in stylish taster bottles. The oils are created using a unique, zero-waste technology, while the packaging is from recycled materials, making it the perfect gift for your gourmet, environmentally-conscious friends. It contains the following: Cold Pressed Grape Seed Oil - Dark green hue and a fragrant aroma of freshly pressed grape juice. Its high smoke point makes it perfect for frying and grilling, or prepare a delicious marinade ready for the BBQ. Its delicate flavour also makes a delightful addition to salads. Received 2* at the 2020 Great Taste Award.
Country of Origin:
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Country of Origin Other
Ingredients Cold pressed mustard seed oil, cold pressed hazelnut oil, cold pressed grape seed oil, cold pressed sunflower seed oil.
Nutritional Value There are no details here, if you would like to know more please contact the business directly.
Best of Hungary - Delicatessen Sheffield

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