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Aspect 5 Stove

The Parkray Aspect 5 Compact Wood Burning Stove Although the Parkray Compact 5 is smaller then the standard Aspect 5, it still features a huge glass viewing panel allowing you to see everything that is going on inside the stove.   A powerful airwash system also keeps this glass window free from soot and tar build up. The Aspect 5 Compact has triple burn technology which produces an amazing flame pattern  that will keep you entertained for hours . This stylish stove includes a choice of handle allowing this stove to be adapted to suit any interior. The Aspect 5 Compact is also highly controllable. The output can be changed from 6kw – 4kw in seconds. The Aspect 5 Compact is also extremely efficient and environmentally friendly. Even though the stove can achieve a high heat output, it has an impressive CO emission of 0.17%!
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