Support Local - Covid-19

At we are a well-established shop local digital platform, committed to providing support to local businesses and communities. Now we want to help businesses, self-employed people, hospitality and retail businesses during these unprecedented times. On this page you will find an outline of how we can help. Just because your public-facing business may close, this does not mean your business has to do the same. Now is the time when you are needed most in your local communities and so will help you stay connected so people can still browse, buy and book local but with click and collect and delivery if we have to stay at home. We have been going for 3 years working place by place to create click and collect and digital shop windows to stimulate footfall and spend - but now we have home delivery so we don't wake up to a world of warehouses and superstores after this, but do wake up to vibrant businesses in our local high streets and markets, opening back up and more resilient than ever.


If you want to join

    • Register on our vendor sign up page.  Select the option 'Covid19 Freel' before submitting the form to register free of charge**
    • Once approved, you will receive a confirmation email, plus video tutorials to help you get up and running
    • Encourage other businesses in your area to join - the more businesses listed in your area the better it will be for your customers

**We will not charge you for registering to use this service, which we are making available free to support new signups of local businesses and communities during the Covid-19 outbreak until at least 31st July 2020. There will be no obligation to continue after this. After 31st July, ShopAppy will contact you to ask if you wish to continue using the service and the costs for continuing will be based on a 12 month contract which will cost up to £19.99+VAT pcm depending on type of business and location should you be in an area with a subsidised scheme.


If you are in area which is offering a fully subsidised scheme, you will not be asked to pay for the service from the date of the scheme starting for 12 months. After which time there will be no obligation to continue but you will be offered an opportunity to continue with a paid subscription service. ShopAppy will contact you to ask at the end of the subsidised scheme to ask if you wish to continue using the service and the costs for continuing will be based on a 12 month contract which will cost up to £19.99+VAT pcm depending on type of business and location should you be in an area with a subsidised scheme that runs longer than the initial 12 months.





Working with Towns & Places:

We are working with many places across the UK.  If you would like us to set up your town, shopping area, market or other type of community then please email [email protected] with your location, contact information and name. Our team will contact you to help.



Support your local businesses:

Finally, if you are a customer who would like to pledge support for local businesses during this time, sign-up to support them on and we will keep you updated with developments. Buy from them, book their online activities or buy a BUY NOW, ENJOY LATER voucher if they have one.





If you use the service, you can be sure your money is going direct to local businesses in your area which will hopefully mean when this passes, our businesses are still there for us all to enjoy.


Help for existing traders in towns where we launched before the Covid-19 outbreak:

A lot has changed in 3 years – as we have changed from a digital shop window to a local digital and delivery solution to support all areas to work together and support each other. You can change your information below:

      • Login to the vendor portal to update your profile  - you may need to re-set your password due to increases in site security and recent upgrades.
      • Update your profile page to add any new or amended information (new opening hours etc)
      • Add packages such as hampers or bundles of products to make it easier for customers to order them. 
      • Add 'buy now, enjoy later' vouchers to give customers something to look forward to – to assist your business over this period of difficulty.

      *If you don’t yet have a delivery set up please let us know so we can help you get that service in your area as soon as possible - please email 
[email protected]