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Chicken or lamb sprinkled with fresh coriander and spices, then cooked in a unique jolpa pickle sauce.
Chicken or lamb fillets marinated in butter cardamom pods, cinnamon sticks & ground cumin then simmered in a rich creamy sauce with roasted almonds & cashew nuts.
Chicken or lamb cooked in chaat masala sauce with tomatoes in exotic combination of several herbs & spices, quite spicy but medium in strength, could be made hot & is highly recommended.
Tender pieces of chicken or lamb cooked with green chillies and diced onions
Chicken or lamb cooked with balti sauce, diced onions and garlic
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A smooth, richly spiced, black red – our most reordered ever and with a history of umpteen Golds. From deep in southern France, Cabalié needs no ceremony. Just large glasses for serving! A Grenache-charged, old-vine red, brimful of spicy berry fruit. Tasting notes: Smooth, velvety,...
Blooming Marvellous! Exciting news every Saturday, Tuesday and Thursday we will have a huge array of artisan, all hand crafted fresh bread arriving in-store from Rosemary & Sea Salt Sourdough to Cotswold Crunch. Enquire in store for prices.
Four Golds for this superb artisan Champagne that held its own in competition against big names Bollinger, Veuve and the like. Pure Pinot Noir, vinified white and aged three years on lees, it is rich and creamy with toasty ripe fruit and complexity. Tasting notes: Creamy mousse, bright...
Gluten free PRAWN dumplings, served with gluten free soya sauce.
Our eggs are from a family farm in East Sussex who practice biodynamic agriculture. The hens roam on 60 acres of biodinamic orchards and are fed 100% organic grain. This ensures great premium quality organic eggs from their much loved Lohmann Brown hens. We sell eggs in boxes of 6 for...
Our wonderful sustainable, seasonal organic fruit & vegetables come from a network of organic growers all across the UK. All produce is certified organic by the soil association. Enquire in store for prices.
Contains fresh chives and minced PRAWNS. Gluten free dumplings
Chicken or lamb tossed with a spicy medium sauce, flavoured with onions, green peppers & tomatoes.
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