Minibeast Mysteries Revealed

Not many people know that Weevils squeak to communicate with each other. Click Beetles will play dead when disturbed. Common Froghopper nymphs make clusters of spit to live in.

These, and many other fascinating facts, will be revealed in a new book produced by South Derbyshire District Council's Environmental Education Project.

The book has been written by the Environmental Education team. It taps into their wealth of knowledge gained by leading minibeast sessions at Rosliston Forestry Centre for the last 26 years.

Says Vicky Smyth, the book’s creator, “With detailed and dramatic illustrations, 'Minibeast Mysteries Revealed' is a guide to commonly-found minibeasts. It outlines some of the amazing facts associated with these interesting creatures. It has been developed for sale in sites in The National Forest.”

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