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Pregnancy Massage

Pregnancy doesn't have to stop you from enjoying treatments. In fact, both you and your baby benefit from the relaxation gained from safe holistic treatments. I am a qualified midwife as well as a complementary therapist, and trained to safely offer pregnancy massage treatments, facials, hypnotherapy and hypnobirthing – and acupuncture. I use essential oil blends in strengths that are safe for pregnancy, and can position you on either a massage chair or on the couch using specially designed “comfi-client” cushions. Make the most of the time you have before your baby is born, and treat yourself to a lovely, relaxing pampering session.

Back, neck and shoulder massage - £25.00

Full body massage - £40.00

Full body massage - £45.00 - With facial massage

Aromatherapy facial/NYR facial - £40.00

Other treatments to consider during pregnancy:

Hypnotherapy - £45.00 per session - For relaxation/anxiety/phobias etc. (I hold Senior level qualification with the GHR)

Acupuncture - £40.00 per session for helping to induce labour once you reach your expected due date.

Most of the therapies I offer can be mixed as a “fusion”. For example, you could have a pregnancy aromatherapy massage, followed by hypnotherapy for birth anxiety – or a hypnotherapy followed by acupuncture. I can create a bespoke treatment plan for you.

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