Elegance Silver Wedding Hatinator BB15/BB16

The Elegance range of hatinators and fascinators comes in at a great price point.  This silver Elegance disc hatinator, set on a headband, is a great size for ladies who do not want anything too big, and is perfect for the smaller lady. 
Specialist hat shop, Simply Devine, have been sending hats, hatinators and fascinators all over the world since 2004.  Celebrating their 9th birthday in 2013, Liz Devine-Wright, Hat Shop owner, is proud to have a destination hat shop to where ladies travel the length and breadth of the UK to visit.  Customers include pop idols and socialites including mums of brides and grooms and race go-ers on an international scale.  Need expert advice or not sure what type of hat or fascinator suits you, then talk to Liz.

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