Orange Watersilk Pashmina by Simply Devine KK135

Watersilk Pashmina  in Pinky Orange.  A value for money pashmina from the Simply Devine range of pashminas.  Please contact us for any colour requirement - we are unable to put them all on the website!
Choose from over 300 colours.  if you require a specific colour for your team of bridesmaids or special event then please do not hesitate to contact the Simply Devine Hat Shop ordering service.  Order  bridesmaid's pashminas in colours to match your wedding theme. 

Wedding orange pashmina.  This is one of our most popular colours, and as this season's colour is orange, then its a definite must-have.

Our pashminas are beautiful, soft and adaptable.  Wear for your special occasion such as Ascot, wedding or cruise accessory, and then in the winter double it up, twist it and you have a soft winter scarf.  They are big enough to cover up on holiday too!

So adaptable.  It's been proven with our pashmina customers, when you have one, you will come back for another! They make fabulous gifts too! 

Liz Devine-Wright set up Pashmina by Simply Devine as an accessory business to run alongside the Simply Devine Hat Shop in Tadcaster from where hats and fascinators for weddings and ladies days are sent worldwide.

Want to know about dressing up?  Liz can make you look amazing, and of course, its all about the accessories!


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